The NTTC is a USEPA Tribal Partnership Group that is focused on providing Tribes with an opportunity for greater input on issues related to toxic chemicals and pollution prevention.

The NTTC will give tribes a forum for providing advice on the development of EPA's chemical management and pollution prevention programs that affect tribes. Given the uniqueness of tribal cultures, communities and environmental problems, the forum will help EPA better tailor and more efficiently address a variety of issues, expand pollution prevention and safer chemical initiatives in Indian country, and better evaluate unique chemical exposures on tribal lands.

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is seeking applications from federally-recognized tribes, Native American organizations, and non-government organizations to provide technical support for the National Tribal Toxics Council (NTTC). Find additional information here.

NTTC nominates Dr. Chris Chaisson for appointment to EPA's SACC

NTTC's Understanding Tribal Exposures to Toxics Report

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