Our Work

What Does the NTTC Do?

Identify Tribal Exposures to Toxics: Address the environmental injustice of disproportionate adverse health outcomes to tribal members from increased exposure to toxic chemicals by mandating the use of tribal exposure as the standard default in conducting risk assessment analysis of toxic, persistent, and bio-accumulative chemicals.

Petition EPA to support the establishment of tribal chemical management and risk reduction programs that address tribal needs. Request funding for tribes to develop and implement Tribal Pollution Prevention and Toxics programs.

Enhance Tribal Consultation and Collaboration: Influence policy change by advocating for tribal perspectives in decision making.

Network, Collaborate, and Provide Outreach: Support tribal environmental health initiatives by providing resources and education to help implement effective pollution prevention and chemical management programs.

Tribal Children’s Lead Curriculum

The Tribal Children’s Lead Curriculum was developed with the collaborative oversight of  NTTC, National Tribal Science Council, and USEPA.

Understanding Tribal Exposures to Toxics Report

NTTC Report, this report will be updated in 2023.