Share Tribal Data

Do you have data to share that can be used to assess tribal risks from chemicals? We are looking for tribal studies that can be used to assess tribal exposures to chemicals in our environment.

We are looking for quantitative information that your tribe wants to share. This information can be monitoring data for any toxic chemicals in your water, foods, soil, wildlife.

Or it can be a study that looks at tribal practices. For example, any or all of this information is very helpful:

  • How much of a certain traditional food tribal members eat, how much water might be used for traditional practices, or grasses or reeds for baskets, etc.
  • How often members carry out specific traditional practices, etc.
  • How long does the activity last – such as how long are members wading through sediment to collect clams or how many hours are spent mouthing reeds to make a basket, etc.
  • How many tribal members conduct a traditional practice or eat a traditional food, etc. NTTC recognizes sovereign tribal rights and their nation’s proprietary rights to their cultural traditions. These rights are first and primary to the effort for tribal risk assessment. We are only looking for data that your tribe might be willing to share in the effort to ensure tribal risks are considered determining whether a chemical should be regulated.


Please email us your name, contact information, tribe’s name and a brief description of the studies or topic you might have. We will email you with a more detailed 2‐page form and more information about how your tribe’s data might be used.

Our contact details are: Lina Shea, NTTC Coordinator
Phone: 907 277-2111
Fax: 1 877 335 6780

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