Tribal Consultation Training

Training programs for all staff on consultation with tribes should be established for all federal agencies. This staff training should explain the agency’s policies and procedures as well as concepts such as the trust responsibility, government-to-government relationship, and tribal sovereignty. Agencies should provide frequent training on an ongoing basis with quality controls to ensure that the training is consistent with agency policy and procedures.

EPA’s Working Effectively with Tribal Governments Training

EPA’s Working Effectively with Tribal Governments training on October 28, 2010 is an example of how engagement with tribal leaders and environmental professionals provides concepts, networking, and resources. During this training, EPA staff learned about Federal Indian law, how to communicate with Tribes, tribal programs and concepts. Training videos, pdf presentations, key terms and concepts, frequently asked questions, references and resources may be accessed at:

Working Effectively with Tribal Governments Training

The course: Working Effectively with Tribal Governments is now available for everyone to take on-line. In this course, you will develop an understanding and awareness of tribal issues and concerns. You will learn how the unique status of Indian tribes and their historical relationship with the federal government affects government programs, responsibilities, and initiatives.

Working Effectively with Tribal Governments includes an overview of the following: Introduction to Tribal Concepts, Federal Indian Law and Policy, Tribal Consultation, and Cultural Orientation and Working with Tribal Governments. Introduction to Tribal Concepts and Federal Indian Law and Policy Modules may take 30 to 60 minutes each to complete, with supplementary resources that could include hours of reading. The Tribal Consultation and Cultural Orientation Modules may take approximately 10 minutes each to complete.

There is no cost to complete the course thanks to the support of the interagency team that designed this course to train federal officials, Environmental Protection Agency, Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, Department of Justice, Small Business Administration, General Services Administration, Office of Personnel Management (, Department of Interior, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services, Department of Energy, Commerce Department, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and Department of Homeland Security.

To self-register and begin the course, select the link:

 Working Effectively with Tribal Government

Significance to Tribes:

Tribal consultation training may be of interest to non-tribal members that are working with tribes and tribal organizations. Tribal consultation training can also be valuable for tribes to conduct training for non-tribal staff within their organization.


EPA’s Working Effectively with Tribal Governments

Working Effectively with Tribal Governments

Native American and Alaska Native Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution Program

The U.S. Institute's Native American and Alaska Native Environmental Program helps increase the appropriate and effective use of collaborative problem-solving and conflict resolution in environmental matters involving Native American and Alaska Native communities and federal agencies.

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