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Who is the NTTC? 

NTTC is an EPA Tribal Partnership group established in January 2012. The Council is focused on providing Tribes with an opportunity for greater input on issues related to toxic chemicals and pollution prevention.

What Does the NTTC Do? 

Identify Tribal Exposures to Toxics: Address the environmental injustice of disproportionate adverse health outcomes to tribal members from increased exposure to toxic chemicals by encouraging the use of tribal exposure as the standard default in conducting risk assessment analysis of toxic, persistent, and bio-accumulative chemicals. THis is a test

Encourage Tribal Toxics and Pollution Prevention Program Development and Implementation: Prioritize informed and effective chemical risk management options and appropriate, diverse solutions that address tribal needs by requesting funding for tribes to better understand, monitor, assess, and mitigate toxics’ impacts.

Enhance Tribal Consultation and Collaboration: Influence policy change and advocate for tribal perspectives in decision making through consultation outreach, submitting comment letters, and facilitating tribal participation in the consultation process.

Network, Collaborate, and Provide Outreach: Maintain and support national, regional, and individual tribes' needs and concerns by providing tools, resources, and outreach that help in the recognition and implementation of effective chemical management and pollution prevention policies, practices, and programs that impact tribal lifeways, including community members’ health and the health of environmental resources.

 NTTC Charter [pdf]
 NTTC Priorities [pdf]
 NTTC Brochure [pdf]


For more information please contact:
Lynn Zender

Program Coordinator
907 444-5535



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