EPA Application

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is seeking applications from federally-recognized tribes, Native American organizations, and non-government organizations to provide technical support for the National Tribal Toxics Council (NTTC). The NTTC works collaboratively with EPA to represent tribal interests in the development and implementation of chemical risk assessment, risk management, and pollution prevention programs. EPA anticipates awarding one cooperative agreement for approximately $800,000 over a five-year period that will focus on the following activities:

  • Assist federally-recognized tribes, Alaska Native Villages, and intertribal organizations in selecting and maintaining a geographically diverse membership with a diversity of relevant and technical expertise in the NTTC;
  • Assist the NTTC in maintaining a viable charter that covers activities eligible for EPA funding and fulfilling the objectives of that charter; and
  • Provide professional and technical support to the NTTC to conduct its meetings and other activities.

EPA is extending the application deadline for the cooperative agreement to provide technical support for the National Tribal Toxics Council (NTTC). The deadline will be extended until July 6, 2020 to expand the list of eligible applicants.

Additional information is available on www.grants.gov, under Funding Opportunity Announcement EPA-HQ-OPPT-2020-003.

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